Hello we are Santa Charlie, Mrs Claus (Lynda) and JenElf

We have been Santa, Mrs. Claus, and JenElf for the last 10 years
What we do is fill the needs of our community, and the people that
have needs, while sharing the true meaning of Christmas.

30 years ago when I was a teacher and needed a Santa to deliver
gifts to my students....Charlie came in and did the job. When anyone
needs a Santa, Charlie is there to fill the need. He even filled in when
the Coca Cola Santa became ill.
10 Years ago when the Santa who had been representing the City of
Douglas passed away, Charlie stepped in to fill the Boots. This is when
I became Mrs. Claus, and Jennifer transformed into JenElf, since then
we all have had a lot of fun bringing joy and happiness serving Southern
Arizona while keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive thru out the year.

Let us help make your Holiday Experience a little brighter
You can also call Santa's Secretary at .... (623)-882-6550