Hello I am Santa Michael
(Reverend Santa of Arizona)

I have been a Brother in the Red Suit complete with my own real beard for over 25 years.
I have committed myself to a lot of Community support. Special consideration given to Churches,
Charities and homes. Santa provides visits, delivers presents, poses for pictures with families,
children, pets, etc. I do phone calls, e-mails, and letters. Each person is addressed individually.
Santa will chat with them, about things going on in their lives. Things like doing well in school or
getting an award. Praise for being well behaved and doing good things.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to sing songs, dance, bake and decorate cookies, build
gingerbread houses, play games and entertain parents and children alike. I will visit your home,
decorate or help decorate your tree, read a story with your family, and many other things. You can
invite all of your family members for group photos, all of the nieces, nephews, grandchildren,
children and their spouses, etc. for home visits or family gatherings.

Santa will also make appearances at Company Christmas parties, Corporate Events, Hospital visits,
Birthday, Graduation and Private parties.

Santa enjoys working with many private and public charities, including but not limited to toy drives,
children of abuse and domestic violence, neighborhood activity centers, and children with terminal illness.
All religions, family traditions, customs, and values are important to me.

Start your new life off with a service performed by Reverend Santa

Santa is also a non-denominational Protestant Minister who will officiate your wedding in his Red Suit.
This service is provided year round and can be performed in your home or at the venue of your choice
by Reverend Santa of Arizona™.

You can e-mail Santa Michael for more info,
availability for Santa's services and Reverend Santa's Clerical services

We, sometimes, take pictures for Santa's Gallery when we make appearances
All Pictures taken by Santa or Mrs. Claus are owned by Reverend Santa of Arizona™
and may be used for advertising purposes, and may be seen in our website Gallery.

Santa Michael is a member of:
The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas,
Arizona Santas,
and Nationwide Santas.

Fully Background checked

You can also call .... (602)-677-1954