Hello I am Santa Glenn

My goal as Santa is to bring the happiness and spirit of Christmas to life. My beard
is real and where-ever I go, children of all ages call me Santa. To be able to carry on
this joy and happiness all year round is truly a blessing.

*****My Experience includes:*****
9 years in the Red Suit; Corporate events; School functions;
Day cares; Department stores; City of Phoenix events;
Home visits and parties; Photo studio work

I’ve been professionally trained at the University of Santa Claus and attended
conferences and seminars to be the best Santa you expect. I am a member of
The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa’s and The Fraternal Order
of Real Bearded Santa’s. I also work for 6 casting agents from Chicago,
Las Vegas, Arizona, and in California.

May you have a joy filled holiday full of happiness and surprises.

You can also call .... (602)-390-1420